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A monthly podcast about roleplaying games as a social activity


November 18, 2013


Angela is an opinionated, veteran gamer who drank the indie storygame Kool-Aid in 2005 and only rarely looks back. She is interested in exploring innovative game systems that foster collaborative storytelling.


Dave has been playing RPGs since the late 1980s, when his grade school classmate/DM told him to "play an assassin. That's easiest to start." Since then he has made learned from just about every GMing mistake there is to make.


Leanne Palmerston is a newer gamer who enjoys indie games that focus on storytelling. In her non-gaming life she runs a business, knits a lot and rocks hard. \m/


Mikael likes kids, games, hacking, metal, politics, cats, and the Oxford comma, in roughly that order. He's not good at writing compressed bios, or for that matter, keeping anything short and to the point.

Guest players

  • Cats
  • Derek
  • Elise
  • Emily
  • Hans
  • Jake
  • Kel
  • Kona the dog
  • Marcus
  • Mark
  • Mike
  • Noa
  • Susie