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A monthly podcast about roleplaying games as a social activity


February 27, 2018

Did I Fall Asleep?

By David Leaman

When you first sold your body into their service, the Company wiped your brain of all personality and memories. Then over and over they imprinted you with new minds, sent you out on dubious missions and wiped your brain again.

Now that your term of service is over, you are being given the chance to become who you originally were and to be released back into the world. But what sort of terrible situation were you in before? Were you just down on your luck, or were you a hardened criminal? And when you find out who you were, will you want to return to your old life?

Did I Fall Asleep? is a freeform larp about identity and self. It requires 6-12 players plus a GM and plays in about two hours.

Available now from DriveThruRPG

Coming Soon: A Perfectly Normal Dinner Party

By David Leaman and Dymphna

Two perfectly normal people have recently moved into a nice normal suburban neighbourhood. They of course did the nice normal thing and invited their neighbours over for drinks and dinner.

This is A Perfectly Normal Dinner Party, a normal human occurrence. People have dinner together and nothing is weird. Everyone definitely lives to the end of the game. Nothing weird happens, because this is a perfectly normal dinner party. Everything is fine.

A Perfectly Normal Dinner Party is a freeform comedic larp for 6-13 players, designed to be played over the course of an actual dinner party. It plays in about two hours.

Coming Soon: New World

By David Leaman and Dymphna

New World is a freeform larp about culture clash and the passage of time. It requires 8-10 players plus two GMS, and plays in about three hours.