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A monthly podcast about roleplaying games as a social activity

Episode 9: Finding your RPG Style, Fan Expo Canada

September 26, 2014

This month we have a special episode for you. At Fan Expo Canada Dave joined five others for a panel called Finding Your RPG Style, organized by the good people at Toronto Area Gamers (TAG). From the panel description:

Every tabletop RPGs is different, and finding the one that fits your style can improve your gaming experiences. How much do you like to prepare? What type of material do you like to prepare? Should there be a Game Master? How much control over the game and the world should each player have? Our panelists will review common styles of roleplaying, and suggest games you should play to meet the needs of your RPG style.

Note: We've tried to clean up the audio as well as possible, but there is some unavoidable noise and interference. Apologies for any unintelligible bits, but this whole discussion was so much fun we couldn't leave it out.


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