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A monthly podcast about roleplaying games as a social activity

Episode 10: New Gamers, Playing with Canon

October 28, 2014

In this episode we have two discussion segments, with two sets of guests.

In the first segment we talk about novice gamers. What did new gamers expect coming into the game, and what drew them in in the first place? What learning curves exist? What pitfalls exist for GMs and experienced players when gaming with first-timers? Many thanks to Sonya and Hermina for joining me for this segment.

In the second segment we talk about playing a game with existing fictional canon. What is it like to play a game in an existing fictional universe? What are some of the challenges when you aren't familiar with the source material? Many thanks to Marcus, Courtney and Susie for returning to the show for this segment.

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Music by Jason Pfaff, released under the CC BY-SA license.